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About Us

Sprung Formal is a literary arts journal published annually in association with the Liberal Arts and Graphic Design Departments at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Established in 2005, Sprung Formal is edited and produced by students who pride themselves on combining professional content with professional-grade student work.

Harrison Breshears
Emilie Chartrand
Bella Cordero
Allegra Eccles
Weston Evans
Eric Frank
Jadyn Green
Savannah Jerome-Branson
Rachel Kaufman
Adam Lock
Sophia Mannion-Boilesen
Oz Overshiner
Audrey Parsell
Markel Randle
Olivia Scheible
Kyrah Schroeter
Sydney Anne Smith
Rebecca Wagner

Faculty Advisors
Adam Lucas
Jordan Stempleman

Special Thanks
Phyllis Moore
tyler galloway
Lisa Maione
Malynda Eshleman
Marie Langdon at Midland Paper
Brian Bressman at Soli Printing

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Published by students and faculty in the Liberal Arts and Graphic Design Departments at Kansas City Art Institute

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