Silver spray paint
incomplete / “In Pursuit of”
some kick drums
crushing Fruit Loops
above the familiar, confused music
you are listening to now
two overlapped hearts
gleek into my eye
lost in small clouds of wild grass
tonight the elm the lightning
Willie cooling crispis
need to call J but
J’s fresh out of detectives
& sends me faces made of
stacked emojis
fry bread on a friendly snake
two cars wash by a metal rake
my therapist says my place is
not as he imagined

With Excess

I lift a Chewel
& lay for a caterpillar’s green, purple eyes
walk with me
& hide in the open light / there’s a river in the
shape of a lake, the size of a pond
that opens into forest / inside a cave
out of sight so you can be one
with your loneliness, content
as toothpaste on the breakers
keeps you awake, barely
matching your eye to the crown
of an old, pale-blue moon, umbilical
closing your eye