The Coin

Julianne Neeley

Heads of the syllables cut bent and creased/ Tails
of the hummingbird chemiluminescent

like a glow stick trail/ Head of my body
short/ Tales like this are told and/ Heed

not the warning but a/ Head with one eye
Cyclopes was used by a poet for his strength and size/

Tale like folk/ Heads of the politicians
who leave us hungry those who have flipped the metal

will know a/ Head apart from its neck
or a/ Tail on a human body modification/

Head of the syringe disinfected
why leave it to chance like a line

laced with a ribbon secure on a/ Head hell
poetry is not luck

as if some people are born with a/ Head for it
and others are born into serpent/ Tails of ouroboros

money do not trust my/ Head or my breath
kiss my/ Tail and pull at the hair on my/

Head as I write this poem best out of three
some are fortunate to not have to let the minted

decide their fates for their/ Heads
expensive shampoo used on the mane and/ Tails
            of prized horses

shine like gold silver copper zinc nickel/
Head of a man the dynamic of power

like a squirrel/ Tail caught under the wheel of a truck
if fate exists I will swallow the coin

and choke on the inversion of this Image or Image
as if I know what I’m going to say I must flip-

flop to see what is next
like the/ Head of the person I love
who does not love me and then who does
this poem tells me to shut up and put lipstick on

my/ Head for once/
Tail if you play with destiny you are done for/

Heads of the Poets all of them period
I have learned your ways and I would never leave it up
              to chance

Onomatopoeias for a Scorned Lover

Julianne Neeley

Baa sheep/ Zoom my machine over/ favorite stuffed/ animal Squeal/ like an ego being/ Popped/
Tunk that gifted autographed book/ down the steps Ba Dunk/ Ba Dunk bruised hip/ Splat/ too
easy/ Sizzle hand on hot stove/ how long can we/ leave it there Purr/ rub behind/ ears Moan/
tongue in/ Cough/ wishbone in throat/ Croup baby Croup/ baby up a aorta/ for me Tick/
contagion swell getting/ eager for Boom/ dish flung miss Hit/ floor the wall the floor the/ wall
Cackle gypsum insulation knows/ the other/ woman Hissssssssss/ ssss/ ss/ dainty fleeting mortal
contour/ Mumble stockpile/ inhalations Yawp trojan horse inside/ of us astonished/ still have
hands/ OW! OW! give me/ back my lover give me back/ my lover Quack chitchat/ excessive
drama/ purchasing binary / caskets solely for catnaps/ Itch allergic to an unkempt/ mind your
extremities/ Ha!/ when you go to/ Tsk/ hell make a metaphor/ wagging fingers wagging/ flames
for morals/ Drip a spider into/ open mouth Ahem/ there is something I need/ web/ to say Ahem/
there is something/ vanishing in clear/ sight Uh-huh limp/ before the sun/ for me lover modify/
my mass Laugh/ ninety in fourty-five/ vooRRRR/ vooRRRR/ vooRRRR engine revving/ in and

I hum for you/ I sound just like you