ceremony :: seeding

in snowflake and mossy incense connecting
breathe to body and the day’s waking

water of clouds of creeks of sump-pump runoff
courses arterial :: pulse-echo when we enter proximity

I feel the breaking you carry too
fault lines fissure an achy ulna
the way we hold hands and let go

thumb seeds into peaty soil
future abundance nurtured in egg cartons
acts of faith on a late winter day


Each leaf variegation traces color
in your irises, the way they shift
smiles scatter laughter from mouth
to sight. A gesture all it takes to hold
back the dying, hands abate slow decay
seed-vaulted against extinction. Snow
outside sounds green energy and I
hold steady fast, filter sun to food
ring out cellulose to expand to make
a library of myself an almanac to hold
data of fields and stars and morning sighs.