Silt Remonstrations

Zach Savich

the hill should be two-thirds
the height of the chimney per
half mile, Reginald,
and the ferry arrives in April
in disgrace for lilacs
I owed myself a dollar for surviving
he dumps the bucket of keys
on the counter choose any all the same

and smoke from the hills
enters the chimney twice two mice
observe a pewter matador nutcracker
I won at a game of bets whoever bets the most
wins I bet my bet
concussive as a green soda

50th & Pine

Zach Savich

Rebar roses or
roses among rebar
roses. 2 hydrants
on the corner
like what kind
of fire. Pigeons
dip and lift
a bit before
they perch. Pillowcase
on a hydrant. Jesus
fucking Christ 
please just let me
, she screamed
at the bad church.

Vinyl Stickers

Zach Savich

collar softer from the snow

in it / a scene ever just
offstage / move the stage

to keep it true / in open dust /
in operatic / a motorcycle idled near a mare /

it fed apples / did you
intimation a marvel / a feather

in the keyhole


cinema charité / chickens in the marble
yard / washing 

each article in the fountain in
turn / never wholly nude / but overall /
vines pulled from

brick / avid 
awnings / jeans on a chair / a blue cigarette /
calendar of herbs


she spoke at length as the stove
pipe looped argyle up stairwell out patio
past trellis / if love was
the grasp in a polite hug / and the polite hug /
if love was

the bright side of the street sign / houseplants
in a bathtub / in the living room / steam
from a lopsided kettle / bulbous and sleek